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A common mineral composed of copper iron sulfide. Chalcopyrite has brassy yellow crystals with a metallic luster and greenish or purplish iridescence. Chalcopyrite is an important source for Copper and is mined in Canada (Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia), Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Japan (Ani), England (Cornwall), Germany (Saxony), France (Alsace), Spain (Rio Tinto) and the U.S. (Montana, Arizona, Utah, Tennessee, Missouri, Wisconsin).


Synonyms and Related Terms

copper pyrite; peacock ore; yellow copper; copper yellow; Chalcopyrit (Deut.); Chalkopyrit (Deut.); Kupferkies (Deut.); calcopirita (Esp.); chalcopyrite (Fr.); chalcopyriet (Ned.); calcopirite (Port.)

Raman (RRUFF)

Chalcopyrite Raman RRUFF R050018.png

Raman (U of Parma)


Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Tetragonal crystal system, often with repeated twinning.
  • Fracture = uneven, brittle.
  • Luster = metallic.
  • Streak =greenish-black.
  • Soluble in nitric acid.
  • Magnetic on heating
Composition CuFeS2
Mohs Hardness 3.5 - 4.0
Melting Point 950 C
Density 4.1-4.3 g/ml

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