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Color lithograph
MFA# 2002.1388


MFA# 60.1068
Hand-colored lithograph
MFA# 62.77

An early color Lithograph prepared using a separate plates for each color. First developed in the early 1800s, chromolithography was used commercially as a color reproduction technique until the end of the 19th century.

Synonyms and Related Terms

chromolithography; chromo-lithography; chromo; oleograph; color lithograph; chromolithografie (Ned.); chromolithographie (Fr., Deut.); Farblithografie (Deut.); Farbensteindruck (Deut.); cromolitografia (It., Esp.), färglitografi (Sven.)

Resources and Citations

  • Luis Nadeau, Encyclopedia of Printing, Photographic, and Photomechanical Processes, Atelier, New Brunswick, 1997 Comment: "Senefelder seems to have been the first, published color print in 1817....another source mentions Michele de Serres as the inventor in 1814"
  • The Bullfinch Guide to Art History, Shearer West (ed.), Bullfinch Press, Boston, 1996
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