Cobalt violet, deep

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Cobalt violet dark


A medium to strong violet pigment composed of Cobaltous phosphate. Deep cobalt violet was first developed in 1859 by Salvetat and sold as an artists' pigment in 1890. The colorfast pigment has low tinting strength and dries quickly in oil paints.

Synonyms and Related Terms

cobalt phosphate; deep cobalt violet; Pigment Violet 14; CI 77360; violeta de cobalto intenso (Esp.); violet de cobalt (foncé) (Fr.); Kobaltviolett (dunkel) (Deut.); iodes toy kobaltioy skoyro (Gr.); violetto di cobalto scuro (It.); cobalt violet (donker) (Ned.); violeta de cobalto, escuro (Port.)

FTIR (MFA) (Forbes 498)

Cobalt Violet, dark (498).PNG

Raman (MFA) (532nm)

Cobalt violet (Forbes MFA 498), 50X, 532 nm.TIF

Raman (MFA) (785nm)

Cobalt violet dark (Forbes MFA 498), 785nm resize.tif






  • Skin contact may cause allergies, especially on elbows, neck and ankles.
  • Chronic inhalation may cause asthma.
  • Ingestion may cause vomiting, diarrhea and the sensation of hotness

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Microscopically, the particles are strongly pleochroic with colors from pink to violet to yellow.
  • Highly birefringent under crossed polars.
  • Appears magenta with Chelsea filter.
Composition Co3(PO4)2 - 8H2O
Refractive Index >1.662

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