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English flute
MFA# 1989.204
Northumbrian bagpipes
MFA# 17.1933


A dense, black ebony-like wood obtained from the Brya ebenus trees native to Central America and the Caribbean islands. Cocuswood is a slow-growing tree that has brittle, black heartwood with a fine uniform texture. It is used for inlays, brush backs, parquet, and musical instruments (especially flutes, clarinets, oboes and bagpipes).

Synonyms and Related Terms

Brya ebenus; Cocus wood; cocoswood; cocswood; Jamaica ebony; Jamaica rain tree; West Indian ebony; green ebony; espino de sabana, granadillo,

Cocuswood (Brya ebenus)

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Can grow to 20-30 feet with long drooping branches
  • Leaves are small and waxy. They are compound but often appear simple.
  • Fruits have bright yellow flowers
  • Density = 75 ppcf

Resources and Citations

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