Contact adhesive

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A synthetic adhesive that adheres tightly to itself on contact. Contact adhesives are applied to both surfaces to be joined, the solvent is allowed to evaporate, then both coated surfaces brought into contact. Most contact adhesives are based on solvent solutions of chloroprene (i.e. Neoprene). The tacky, elastic material forms a strong bond that is resistant to shear forces. Contact cements are often used in do-it-yourself home building projects to adhere Formica®, wood, leather, metal, plastic, veneer, and rubber.

Synonyms and Related Terms

contact cement; contact bond adhesive; dry bond adhesive; adhesivo de contacto Esp.); cola de contacto (Esp., Port.); adhésif par contact (Fr.); adesivi di contatto (It.); colla di contatto;

Examples: Evostik [Evode]; Pattex [Henkel]

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