Cotton wax

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A soft, white vegetable wax obtained from Cotton plants, such as Gossypium herbaceum. Cotton wax occurs in concentrations of about 0.6% on the cotton fibers and is not produced commercially. Another waxy product, cotton seed stearin, is obtained when Cottonseed oil is cooled and a solid layer, cotton wax, separates from the liquid. Cotton seed stearin is primarily composed of palmitin. Cotton seed stearin is used in food products, soaps and for sizing textiles.

Synonyms and Related Terms

cottonseed wax; cotton seed stearin

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Iodine value = 24.5
  • Acid value = 32
  • Saponification value = 70.6
  • Melting Point = 68-71 C
  • Density = 0.959 g/ml

Resources and Citations

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