Cyclosol 53

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[Shell] A slow drying aromatic solvent blend. Cyclosol 53 contains complex mixture of 70-80% C9 aromatic hydrocarbons (primarily ethyltoluene and trimethylbenzene isomers), with the remainder primarily C8 and C10 aromatic molecules. The clear, colorless solvent is used commercially as a solvent and dilutent for paint, caotin, stains, printing inks and sealers. It is also used as an additive in paint removers, brush cleaners, gasoline, and epoxy resins. In conservation labs it has been used for making varnish solutions with Paraloid B-72 and redissolving dried B-72.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Cyclosol 100

Other Properties

Insoluble in water. Viscosity = 0.92 centipoise at 25 deg C

CAS 64742-95-6
Melting Point -60
Density .864-0.884
Boiling Point 135-210

Hazards and Safety

Cyclosol 53 is a high flash aromatic naphtha (HFAN). Flash point = 38C.

The mixture may contain benzene (less than 0.01%) and xylene (principally o-xylene) at a concentration of up to 3%.

Inhalation causes eye and lung irritation.

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