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A water soluble Polysaccharide produced by the hydrolysis of Starch. Patented in 1867, dextrin is produced when starch is hydrolyzed with dilute acid and heat, then neutralized with alkali. Pure dextrin is a white, amorphous powder that has a sweetish taste. It is used as an adhesive for envelopes, gummed paper, postage stamps, and mounting photographs. Dextrin is also used for sizing paper and textiles, for printing inks, as a thickening agent, and as a paint binder in poster paints and cheap tempera colors. Dextrin is sensitive to moisture, weathers poorly, and is susceptible to biodegradation. Two forms of impure or partially hydrolyzed dextrin are also available:

Synonyms and Related Terms

dextrine (AAT preferred); starch gum; amylin; British gum; gommeline; vegetable gum; artificial gum; leiocom; sago dextrin; tapioca dextrin; canary dextrin; starch syrup; Dextrine (Deut.); dextrine (Fr.); dekstryna (Pol.)


  • IntegraChem: SDS

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Soluble in hot water. Insoluble in ethanol, ether.
  • Fluoresces a blue-white in ultraviolet light.
  • Iodine gives a red to blue color.

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