Dioxazine purple

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A synthetic purple pigment prepared from carbazole dioxazine. Dioxazine purple is thought to have been discovered by Gruene and Thiele in the late 1920s (de Keijzer 1990). It was marketed in 1952 as the pigment Permanentviolett RL [Hoechst AG]. Dioxazine purple has good tinting strength and is resistant to light, heat, and bleeding. It is used as a colorant in automotive paints.

Synonyms and Related Terms

dioxazine violet; Pigment Violet 23; CI 51319; Hostaperm Violet RL; Permanentviolett RL

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Forms a solid dark green in concentrated nitric acid.
  • Composition = C34H22N4O2Cl2

Resources and Citations

  • M.de Keijzer, "Microchemical Analysis on Synthetic Organic Artists Pigments Discovered in the Twentieth Century" in ICOM preprints, Dresden 1990, p. 221-225.