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1 - A passive sampling device generally worn by people to monitor their exposure level to pollutants or radiation. Photographic emulsions are used for radioactive exposure dosimeters. Gaseous pollutant dosimeters are either based on colorimetric or sorbent systems. The colorimetric dosimeters are pollutant specific, direct reading badges with a color response due to a chemical reaction. The sorbent dosimeter are nonspecific, non-direct reading badges that absorb many types of pollutants. They must be returned to the manufacturer for pollutant measurements. Some dosimeter badges may be modified to be applicable for museum usage, such as the GMD systems formaldehyde dosimeter which has a detection limit of 0.2 ppb for a 24 hour exposure.

2 - The same word is used to design an instrument dedicated to the measurement of the ionising radiation absorbed dose (in Grays (SI units) or in rads) delivered by a source of X-rays, gamma rays or any other type of ionising radiation.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Dosimeter (Deut.); Dosismessgerät (Deut.); dosimètre (Fr.);

Resources and Citations

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