Dust Bunny

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(Arcare) A brand name for an electrostatic cleaning cloth made froma high-tech microfilament fabric of the finest Polyester and Nylon microfilaments. Dust Bunny cloths have extremel fine fibers producing a dense structrure, that provides a lint-free cloth that traps dust, dirt, oils, and grease. Dust Bunny cloths can be washed and reused.

Synonyms and Related Terms

dust cloth

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Excellent tensile and tear strength
  • Non-fraying, 400% water absorption and 825% oil absorption by weight
  • Machine washable up to 100 times at 60 deg. C (wash separately / do not mix with cotton)
  • Solvent-free, Binder-free and Reuseable
  • Soft, 100gsm, finest grade microfilament structure
  • Very absorbent, quick to dry and breathable

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