Dyer's knotgrass

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Knotweed Polygonum spp.


A natural dark blue dye obtained from the Polygonum tinctoria plant native to China, Japan and Manchuria. The colorant in dyer's knotwood is Indigotin. Traditionally in Japan, cloth was dyed in a hot water solution containing knotgrass and millet jelly (Mizuame) after which it was dipped in cold water to precipitate the indigotin (Shimoyama et al 1996).

Synonyms and Related Terms

knotgrass blue; knotweed; ai (Jap.); Polygonum tinctoria; pileurt (Dan.); Knöteriche (Deut.); renouée (Fr.); duizendknoop (Ned.); rdest (Pol.);

Knotweed Polygonum spp.

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