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[Kuraray-Poval (formerly DuPont)] A registered trademark for a series of Polyvinyl alcohol emulsions. Elvanol® products are prepared in water solutions and are compatible with Starch and Carboxymethyl cellulose. When dried, they produce a water-resistant coating. They are used commercially as adhesives, emulsifiers, textile finishing materials, photosensitive coatings, and binders in paper products.

Kuraray manufactures several types of Elvanol products available as fully hydrolyzed or as a copolymer. Fully hydrolyzed grades contain few (if any) residual acetate groups, dissolve in hot (200 F) water, and remain in solution when cooled to room temp. Partially hydrolyzed grades retain some of the residual acetate groups and dissolve in water at room temperature. The copolymer grades are developed specifically for warp sizing in textile and paper industry.

Elvanol 71-30 is a medium, fully hydrolyzed grade of PVOH that has been used as a replacement for starch and as a water and grease resistant sizing, coating, or adhesive.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Elvanol 71-30

Personal Risks

May contain trace amounts of methanol and sodium acetate.

Kuraray Poval claims there are no health hazards [1]

Elvanol 71-30 SDS, 2014

Collection Risks

Elvanol 71-30: Decomposition can occur below the recommended processing temperature limit. At tempoeratures above the “conditions to avoid” temperature, thermal decomposition of the resin becomes rapid. Hazardous decomposition products: carbon monoxide, Organic acids, Aldehydes, Alcohols, Sodium oxides. [2]

Environmental Risks

Biodegradable and recyclable [3]

Physical and Chemical Properties

POVAL Grade List Brochure

From Elvanol 71-30 SDS, 2014:

Form Powder
Color Clear
Odor Mild
Melting Point 200°C (392°F)
Specific Gravity >1
Water Solubility Partly soluble

Characteristics [4]:

  • Excellent solubility in water
  • Strong film-forming properties
  • Oil and grease resistance
  • Wetting properties on polar substances
  • Good pigmentation
  • Biodegradable

Working Properties

Elvanol® can be dissolved in the continuous cooking process designed for starch, where other standard polyvinyl alcohols remain undissolved. Beneficial in paper coating applications, especially where polyvinyl alcohols are used together with starch to enhance performance. [5]

Elvanol® is insoluble in cold-water, which allows the production of water resistant adhesives. [6]

Forms and Sizes

Sold as a powder that is dissolvable in water. [7]

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