Epo-Tek 301

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[Epoxy Technology, Inc., Billerica MA] A registered trademark for an optically transparent epoxy adhesive.

- Epo-Tek® 301 has a low viscosity and bonds well to most glass, metals and plastics. It has a RI of 1.538-1.540. It sets in 4-8 hours and is cured in 12-18 hours.

- Epo-Tek® 301-2 has a refractive index similar to glass (RI = 1.564). It sets in 18-24 hours and can be sanded in 36-48 hours.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Epotek (sp)

Density 0.95

Hazards and Safety

Moderately toxic by ingestion. Skin contact may cause irritation.

Additional Information

Epoxy Technology: Website and MSDS

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