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A transparent, high moisture, and oxygen barrier film originally developed for use with the Mitsubishi Revolutionary Preservation (RP) System. Escal is coated with a ceramic polyvinyl alcohol film with no plasticizers (polypropylene (OPP)\Silica deposited PVAL\ LLDPE).

Synonyms and Related Terms

Barrier film, Escal Neo Oxygen Barrier film


  • Storage and preservation of a variety of materials, especially those sensitive to moisture and oxidation.

Physical and Chemical Properties

The mitigation rates of Escal are:

  • Moisture barrier: 0.01 g/ @ 25°C 60%RH
  • Oxygen barrier: 0.05 cc/ @ 25°C 60%RH

Working Properties

Escal can be unrolled and cut down to the desired length and sealed with a heat sealer. An Escal enclosure can be utilized with the Revolutionary Preservation (RP) System in two different ways:

  • RP Type A – Involves the use of both oxygen and moisture scavengers.
  • RP Type K – Involves only oxygen scavengers but is moisture neutral, in which moisture cannot be removed or introduced into the enclosure. (Mainly used to protect photographs, films and dyed products.) Link

Forms and Sizes

Available in single sheet rolls and double sheet rolls.

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