Field maple

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Field maple Acer campestre


A small, shrub-like, deciduous maple tree, Acer campestre, native to Europe, the Balkans, and Turkey. The field maple tree produces a pale, yellow-brown wood that is strong with an even grain (Gale et al 2000). It was used for boxes, utensils, furniture, tool handles, musical instruments, boats, wagons, and weapons.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Acer campestre; navr (Dan.); Feld-Ahorn (Deut.); érable champêtre (Fr.); Acer campestre (It.); Spaanse aak (Ned.); naverlönnen (Sven.); arce campestre (Esp.); bordo comum (Port.); hedge maple

Field maple Acer campestre)

Other Properties

Height = 15-25m with low branches Bark = gray-brown with shallow ridges. Flowers = small yellow-green in spring Fruit = double samaras (two-winged seeds) at 180 degrees

Additional Information

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