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[[file:Flugger Acrylspartel.jpg|thumb|400g tube of Flügger]


Flügger Flügger Group A/S is a bonding and filling acrylic spackle composed of butyl methacrylate and calcium carbonate.[1]. It is widely used as a filler and for fine surface finishing.

Personal Risks

Flügger MSDS

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Solids weight: 77%
  • Volume: 59%
  • Density: 1.8 kilo/liter
  • Layer thickness: Max. 2 mm
  • Particle size: Max 0.01 mm
  • Adhesion: 12 kp/cm2


Working Properties

Flügger is suitable for spot filling and for finishing filling of primed woodwork, plaster, concrete, anti-corrosion iron and metal as well as previously painted surfaces. After grinding and dusting, this product can be painted with aqueous or alkyd paint. Flügger can be tinted using ground pigments and may be thinned or cleaned using water.[3]

  • Drying time at 68°F (20°C) is approximately 1/2 (to the touch)
  • Re-coating interval is approximately 1 hour
  • Fully cured in several days
  • Purportedly susceptible to mold

Resources and Citations

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