Fumed silica

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A colloidal form of silica that is a very light, fluffy white powder. Fumed silica, also called aerosol silica, is made by hydrogen-oxygen furnace combustion of silicon tetrachloride. This produces tiny spherical particles of varying sizes. Fumed silica is available in hydrophilic and hydrophobic (coated) forms. It is used as a matting agent, thickener, and filler in many adhesives and coatings. Fumed silica has also been used as a desiccating agent to kill insects.

Synonyms and Related Terms

aerosol silica; colloidal silica; Aerosil® [Degussa-Huls]; Cab-O-Sil [Cabot]



  • Inhalation may cause silicosis; used dust mask.
  • Integra Chem: SDS

Physical and Chemical Properties

CAS 112945-52-5