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Gambier cube


A yellow Dye and Tannin extracted from the leaves and stems of Uncaria gambier of the Madder family. The woody vine is native to India, Malaysia, and the East Indies. A hot water extract contains the yellow dye Catechin (7-33%), along with the reddish tannin Catechutannic acid (22-50%). Gambier produces a pale yellow light fast color on Cotton. For tanning, gambier is produces a soft porous Leather and is most often used in combination with other tannins.

Ground gambier

Synonyms and Related Terms

gambier (Fr.); Uncaria gambier; gambir; gambier cutch; pale catechu; white cutch; Bengal cutch; yellow cutch; cube cutch; tara japonica; terra japonica; plantation gambier; Singapore cube; gambier bulat; gambier papu;

Physical and Chemical Properties

Slightly soluble in cold water. Soluble in boiling water, alcohol, acetic acid, alkalis.

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