Gennoshoko (Cranesbill) - left (145 L)

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Uemura 06-04-2009 145.jpg

Museum number 145
Uemura number / title ; "Haze-some 25"
Folder location 2nd shelf
Sample location left (145 L)
Fiber type cotton
Color pale brown
Dyestuff (Japanese common name) げんのしょうこ : Gennoshoko
Dye (English common name) Cranesbill
Dyestuff (botanical name) Geranium thunbergii Siebold ex Lindl. Et Paxton (G. nepalense Sweet subsp. thunbergii (Siebold ex Lindl. Et Paxton) H.Hara)
Plant part leaves (?) /dried
Dyestuff extraction boiled in water
Auxiliary agent in dye bath -
Mordant lime water
Other auxiliary agent -
Uemura's notes The dyestuff used here was the dried one prepared as medicine, and had white flowers. The upper section of the left sample was discolored by acid.
Uemura's date Kyoto