Glazing films

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Clear film added to the surface of glass. Glazing films, or laminates, can provide scratch resistance, UV blocking, a printable surface and/or change transparency.

Examples of some laminate films include:

Tradenames Composition Thickness (micron) Adhesion Texture Comments
Lintec Polyester 25, 238, 50, 100 PSA Gloss Hard coat
Lintec ETFE fluoropolymer 50 PSA Gloss Excellent outdoor durability
Lintec Acrylic 50 PSA Gloss or matte Excellent transparency; flat or curved surfaces
Lintec Polyolefin 70 Gloss Provides UV protection
Envision by 3M Polyolefin 2 mils Heat (50 to 100 F) Gloss or matte Provides UV protection
Gallery Guard by Quality media Polyolefin 2 mils PSA acrylic (ultraclear); no heat is recommended. Eliminates glare

Synonyms and Related Terms

laminate film; window film

Physical and Chemical Properties

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