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Carved greenstone
MFA# 1993.814


Nephrite (actinolite-tremolite)

Any a several naturally occurring igneous rocks that are colored by green minerals such as Nephrite or Diorite. Other green minerals include Glauconite, Chlorite, Hornblende, Epidote, and actinolite. Greenstones have been used for carving and building construction. The greenstone used by the Maoris of New Zealand is nephrite. It was also used to construct Bolingbroke Castle in Lincolnshire, England in the early thirteenth century.

Synonyms and Related Terms

whinstone; toadstone; trap; nephrite; diorite; glauconite; chlorite; hornblende; epidote; actinolite; New Zealand greenstone (pounamu)




May contain asbestos

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