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Heritage Preservation (formerly NIC)

Heritage Preservation (HP) is a non-profit organization which focuses on the preservation of America's collective heritage. HP develops and produces programs and publications that provide advice and guidance on the proper care and maintenance of historic artifacts. In 2004, HP partnered with Institute of Museum and Library Services, to produce Heritage Health Index, which is the first national survey of the condition and preservation needs of collections held by archives, historical societies, libraries, museums, and scientific research organizations. (extracted from website)

Web Address http://www.heritagepreservation.org/
Postal Address Heritage Preservation

1012 14th Street, NW Suite 1200

Washington, DC 20005


Phone +1 202 233 0800
Fax +1 202 233 0807
Contact info@heritagepreservation.org
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Describes CAP preservation awards

Cosponsors SOS (Save our Sculpture) with Smithsonian American Art Museum at http://americanart.si.edu/