Han - right (245 R)

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Uemura 07-23-2009 245.jpg

Museum number 245
Uemura number / title ; "Haze-some 25"
Folder location 4th shelf
Sample location right (245 R)
Fiber type cotton
Color dark brown
Dyestuff (Japanese common name) 榛 : Han
Dyestuff (botanical name) Alnus firma Siebold et Zucc. var. firma
Plant part bark / dried (?)
Dyestuff extraction boiled in water
Auxiliary agent in dye bath -
Mordant iron
Other auxiliary agent ash water (separate bath)
Uemura's notes In the Saibara (), a Japanese court music, from the Heian Period (8th - 12th AD), this dyeing is sung: "". In the experiment, soaking the fabrics in the dye bath and mordant bath was repeated. The resultant color would be the same when dyed with its fruit, instead of bark.
Uemura's date Kyoto