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AMIGOS Image & Preservation Service

"The Amigos Imaging & Preservation Service (IPS) is a non-profit, grant-funded service that provides preservation information, support, and training to librarians and archivists in the southwestern United States, primarily the states of Arizona, Arkansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. Established in 1991 with a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, IPS began by documenting the preservation needs of libraries and archives in the Southwest. Today, IPS provides information, disaster planning and recovery assistance, training, and site surveys. It develops state and local cooperative networks while serving as an advocate for preservation regionally and nationally."(from website) IPS is a part of the larger Amigos Library Services that began in 1974 as the Amigos Bibliographic Council.

Web Address http://www.amigos.org/preserve.html
Postal Address Amigos Image & Preservation Service

Amigo Library Services

14400 Midway Road

Dallas, Texas 75244-3509USA

Phone +1 800 843 8482
Fax +1 972 991 6061
Contact amigos@amigos.org
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Newsletter (monthly) - Amigos Agenda & OCLC Connecction (AAOC): available online, back issues to 1999

Newsletter (quarterly in Spanish) - Que Pasa?: past issues viewable online as pdf files back to 1999

Internet News list (weekly) - Amigos-Now: past postings are archived online

Training Info bulletin (quarterly) Training News: viewable online, back issues to 2000