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Istituto per le tecnologie applicate ai beni culturali (Institute for technologies applied to cultural heritage)

The Institute of Technologies applied to Cultural Heritage (ITABC) was founded in 1978 and is located within the Research Area of Rome- CNR-Montelibretti. The restructuring of CNR's scientific network in 2001 confirmed ITABC as a center of excellence in the research for Cultural Heritage. With a personnel of more than 41 researchers, technicians and administrators, ITABC has succeeded in developing various projects and branches of research both within the Institute and in cooperation with other institutions. Main goals of the Institute are as follows: Advances in GIS research and in statistical methods applied to Cultural Heritage. More specifically, the reconstruction and contextualization of the archaeological landscape using GIS instruments, remote sensing, virtual reality, and multimedia. The characterization of archaeological sites and historical artifacts using geological and high resolution geophysical methodology The cataloguing, analysis, and study of ancient coins and monetary treasures; The study and analysis of handmade artifacts of historical interest, particularly those that are metallic; The analysis, documentation, evaluation, recovery, conservation, and exploitation of historical buildings through multidisciplinary research The dating of archaeological and geological discoveries using 14C and amino acid racemization methods (from website)

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Area della Ricerca Roma 1 - Montelibretti Via Salaria Km. 29,300 - C.P. 10 00016 Monterotondo St. (ROMA)


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