Indian red

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Indian red


The name used for a synthetically produced brick red color iron oxide artists' pigment. Originally, the name Indian red was used for red earth pigments imported from the Persian Gulf and India. In the early 18th century, a synthetic Indian red composed of pure ferric oxide was made from steel mill wastes. It is a dense, opaque, permanent pigment. In the late 20th century, Crayola began using the name 'chestnut' for the crayon color previously name 'Indian red'.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Pigment Red 101; Indischrot (Deut.); rouge indien (Fr.); rojo indio (Esp.); indiko kokkino (Gr.); rosso indiano (It.); rode oker (Ned.); India red; Venetian red; red iron oxide; colcothar; Pompeian red; light red; roofers red; iron saffron; chestnut (Crayola name)








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Hazards and Safety

No known hazards.

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