Kanzou - bottom (198 B)

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Uemura 07-09-2009 198.jpg

Museum number 198
Uemura number / title ; "Haze-some 25"
Folder location 3rd shelf
Sample location bottom (198 B)
Fiber type silk
Color cream (slightly blue tone)
Dyestuff (Japanese common name) 甘草 : Kanzou
Plant part root & stem / dried (?)
Dyestuff extraction boiled in water
Auxiliary agent in dye bath -
Mordant lime water
Other auxiliary agent -
Uemura's notes The plant had been used as medicine, but not as dyestuff. For this dyeing, the plant prepared for medicine was used. The plant was listed as medicinal plants in historic manuscripts, including the Shos-in monjyo () from the 8th century AD, Japan, and the Shinnhonzoukyo () from 300 BC - 200 AD, China.
Uemura's date Kyoto