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Silky, fibrous pink to violet color crystals of hydrated ferrous sulfate. Kornelite crystals were named after Kornel Hlavacsek, Hungarian geologist. It occurs naturally as a rare, and commercially unimportant, mineral. It generally occurs from the oxidation of iron sulfides (pyrites).

Synonyms and Related Terms

kornellite (sp); iron (III) sulfate; ferric sulfate heptahydrate

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Composition = Fe2(SO4)3.7H2O
  • Soluble in water
  • Affected by moisture in air
  • Density = 2.306 g/ml
  • Monoclinic crystals generally occurring as needles or aggregates
  • Cleavage = good in one direction
  • Streak = pale red
  • Fluorescence = none

Resources and Citations

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