Kraton G rubber

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[Shell Chemical] A registered trademark for a series of rubbery materials. Kraton G polymers are second generation styrenic block copolymers with a hydrogenated midblock of styrene-ethylene/butylene-styrene (SEBS) or styrene-ethylene/propylene-styrene (SEPS). They are intended for use where UV resistance, high service temperature, and processing stability are essential. Kraton rubbers are compatible with polyolefins and mineral oils and have been added to Arkon P-90 and Regalrez 1094 varnishes to reduce brittleness.

  • G 1650 - SEBS with 29% styrene; viscosity = 8000 cps.
  • G 1652 - SEBS with 29% styrene; viscosity = 1350 cps.
  • G 1657 - SEBS with 13% styrene; viscosity = 4200 cps.

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Kraton G


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