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Laboratories on Science and Technology for the conservation of European Cultural Heritage

LabS TECH (Laboratories on Science and Technology for the Conservation of European Cultural Heritage) is a European Infrastructure Cooperation Network with Improving Human Potential in the 5th European Framework Programme (2001-2004). It was coordinated by the Interuniversity Consortium on Science and Technology of Materials & the University of Perugia (Italy). The Network is established among many internationally distinguished European laboratories working in the field of scientific and technological applications to the study of cultural heritage. The initiative has the goal to realize an effective complementarity among them to be realized through interchanging of know-how and joining of resources.

Note: Labs TECH evolved into EU-ARTECH in 2004.

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B.G. Brunetti, Science and technology for the conservation of the European cultural heritage, EUR 20483


LabS Tech: European Laboratories Database (contains information on the participating institutions along with their contacts, research interests, and analytical capabilities, proceedings of technical meetings, databases… Last updated in 2004)

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