Lead sulfate, blue basic

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A mute blue-gray powder composed of a mixture of Lead sulfate, Lead oxide, Lead sulfide, Lead sulfite, and Zinc oxide. Blue basic lead sulfate is used as a filler in rubbers and vinyl products. It is also used as a anticorrosion pigment in metal priming paints.

Synonyms and Related Terms

sulfato básico de plomo azul (Esp.); sublimed blue lead; blue lead


( Hazards similar to basic lead sulfate)

  • Toxic by inhalation or ingestion.
  • Noncombustible.
  • Skin contact may cause irritation or ulcers.
  • Carcinogen, teratogen, suspected mutagen.
  • ThermoFisher: SDS

Physical and Chemical Properties

Insoluble in water or ethanol.

Density 6.2 g/ml

Resources and Citations

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