Light red

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Light red


An orangey-red synthetic pigment composed of red iron oxide. Light red is obtained by either roasting Yellow ocher or as a by-product from steel-mill waste. The permanent, opaque pigment has a bright red color with good hiding and tinting properties. Light red is used in artists' paints, marine paints, metal primers, and as a filler in rubbers and plastics. The name 'light red' has also been applied to color blends made from red iron oxide and Gypsum.

Synonyms and Related Terms

iron oxide red; red iron oxide; Pigment Red 101; CI 77419; rouge anglais (Fr.); rode oker (Ned.); vermelho claro (Port.); English red; Prussian red; colcothar; morelle salt; Persian red; Antwerp red; Indian red;


  • No significant hazards.

Physical and Chemical Properties

Composition Fe2O3
CAS 1309-37-1

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