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Microchemistry And Microscopy Art Diagnostic Laboratory

Microchemistry And Microscopy Art Diagnostic Laboratory (M2ADL) is an educational department at the University of Bologna (UNIBO), Ravenna campus. "Scientific research in M2ADL is primarily focused on the study of the physical and chemical nature of cultural heritage. Research efforts address specific questions concerning the technical and material nature of art objects and monuments and the study of questions related to their conservation"(from website). UNIBO has been involved in the coordination of two international projects to develop programs to educate Ph.D. level conservation scientists: CURRIC (training guide), and EPSICON (fellowship and research program).

Web Address http://www.tecore.unibo.it/html/Lab_Microscopia/M2ADL/
Postal Address Microchemistry and Microscopy Art Diagnostic Laboratory (M2ADL)

Via Tombesi dall' Ova 55

48100 Ravenna


Phone +39 0544 936524
Fax +39 0544 936503
Contact rocco.mazzeo@unibo.it
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Research projects are described online - some have links to websites and published articles including CURRIC and EPSICON