MFA 47.1097, wool poncho, Peru (1476–1534)

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Artifact Information

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 47.1097. 84.5 x 78 cm (33 1/4 x 30 11/16 in.)

Wool interlocked tapestry; cross-knit loop-stitch embroidery (over hem); figure-8-stitch embroidery (over side seams); running-stitch embroidery (above hem)

The wool poncho was woven in tapestry technique; checkerboard design of black and white squares with deep stepped yoke of dark red; edges finished with embroidery in red, yellow, and black wool.[1].

MFA 47.1097 Inca poncho © Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

MFA 47.1097 Inca poncho, detail © Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Summary of results

red and brown threads were collected for dye analysis, analyzed by Dr. Xian Zhang at Boston University, 2009