Maō (Ephedra sinica) - center (316 C)

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Uemura 09-10-2009 316.jpg

Museum number 316
Uemura number / title ; "Haze-some 25"
Folder location 4th shelf
Sample location center (316 C)
Fiber type silk
Color dark brown
Dyestuff (Japanese common name) 麻黄 : Maō
Dyestuff (botanical name) Ephedra sinica Stapf
Plant part stem / dried (?)
Dyestuff extraction boiled in water
Auxiliary agent in dye bath -
Mordant iron
Other auxiliary agent -
Uemura's notes Without mordanting, the resultant color would be dull yellow. The plant has been taken as medicine since ancient time, and was listed in various medical books, including the Shinnhonzoukyo () from 300 BC - 200 AD China; the Bencao Gangmu (accessible through: from the late 16th century, China; AD; and Sokyo-honzou ().
Uemura's date Kyoto