Magnesium carbonate

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A fluffy white powder used as an inert pigment and as an ingredient in inks, glass, ceramic glazes, and dentifrice. Magnesium carbonate has also been used as a sorbent powder for water-free (dry) cleaning of jewelry and doll hair. Aqueous solutions of magnesium carbonate are used for neutralization and alkalization of paper.

See also Magnesium bicarbonate).

Synonyms and Related Terms

magnesite; magnesia white; Pigment White 18; Magnesiumcarbonat (Deut.)




Magnesite, ref 105090, Oberdorf, Austria.jpg

Chemical structure

Magnesium carbonate.jpg

Other Properties

Soluble in acids. Slightly soluble in water. Insoluble in ethanol.

Translucent, colorless, angular crystals; high birefringence under crossed polars; extinction is complete and straight.

Composition MgCO3
CAS 546-93-0
Melting Point 350 (dec)
Density 3.0
Molecular Weight mol. wt. = 84.3
Refractive Index 1.508; 1.510; 1.700

Hazards and Safety

Nontoxic. Ingestion has a laxative effect. Noncombustible.

LINK: International Chemical Safety Card


Characteristics of Common White Pigments

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