Maya blue

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Maya vase
MFA# 1988.1176


An greenish-blue pigment used from 8th Century CE to the 16th Century in Central and South America the Mayans, Toltecs, Mixtecs and Aztecs for wall paintings, decorating ceramics, and on textile and documents. After many years of study, it was determined in 1967 that Maya blue is composed of Indigo absorbed on a clay substrate (Kleber et al., 1967). Palygorskite (Attapulgite), Montmorillonite and Sepiolite clays were used (Torres 1988). Identification using Raman Spectroscopy is straightforward as the clay-dye complex produces double peaks, specifically at 1578–1595 cm-1.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Mayan blue (sp); bleu maya (Fr.); Mayablau (Deut.); azul maya (Esp.); azul de Maya (Esp., Mex.); mple ton Magia (Gr.); blu Maya (It.); Maya blauw (Ned.); azul Maia (Port.)

Possible synonyms: Canutillow blue; Tekax blue; texotli (Mex.)




No significant hazards.

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Fibrous or platy particles are pleochroic (turquoise blue to yellow-green).
  • Weak birefringence under crossed polars.
  • Unaffected by alkalies. Soluble in hot concentrated acids.
  • Refractive Index = 1.522-1.548


Characteristics of Common Blue Pigments

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