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[Roseburg] Medex® A brand name for a moisture resistant, medium-density Fiberboard (MDF) that is made from cellulosic fibers bonded with a polyurea-isocyanate resin, then compressed into a hardboard. Medex is waterproof, smooth, heavier than plywood and slightly acidic (pH=5.5). Medex® uses a formaldehyde-free adhesive but the wood fibers may still emit small amounts of organic acids such as acetic acid. Medex® is sustainable using a 100% post-industrial recycled wood fiber.

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Medex® is commonly used as a structural material for pedestals, display decks, display panels and risers.

Personal Risks

Produces fine wood dust. Potential eye and respiratory irritant. Dust should be collected by suction cleaning equipment.

Medex SDS [1]

Collection Risks

Acetic acid emitter
Collection Material Risk
Pb, Zn, Cd metals Corrosion
Calcium based objects (limestone, shell, coral, pearl) Efflorescence
Some color photographs Fading
Pb glazed ceramics Efflorescence

The risks of organic acids to collections can be mitigated by using barrier materials.

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Working Properties

  • Standard wood product finishing processes. Medex® can be painted, stained, laminated, veneered or covered with display fabric.
  • Readily accepts and holds hardware including staples, screws, other wood fastening hardware. Ideal for pressure fitting mounts.


  • Panels available in 4' and 5' widths and lengths up to 18'.
  • Thicknesses ranging from 3/8" - 1 and 1/4".

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