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Merino Sheep


A high-quality, naturally crimped Wool obtained from merino sheep. First bred in Spain in the 14th century, merino sheep are thought to produce the finest wool in the world. Australia and New Zealand are currently the world's leading producers of merino wool. Merino wool has a thin diameter (less than 24 micrometers) with 6 to 24 crimps per inch. It is soft, elastic and resilient. Merino wool is used in high quality woolen and Worsted fabrics. Occasionally the name merino is applied to any fine wool even if it was not obtained from the merino sheep.

Synonyms and Related Terms

botany wool; Merinoschaf (Deut.); merynosy (Pol.); lana de merino (Esp.); merino schaap (Ned); merinosgaren (Ned);

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