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Methocel (TM)


[Dow Chemical Co.] A trademark for series of water-soluble polymers that contain Methyl cellulose. Methocel (TM) dissolves in water to form an adhesive paste that has a neutral PH. It used in industry as a thickening, emulsifying and dispersing agent. Methocel (TM) is also used as an ink additive to improve gloss and to decrease solubility in grease and oils.

  • Methocel A4C: contains methyl cellulose (85-99%), Water, and Sodium chloride
  • Methocel A4CP: contains methyl cellulose

Synonyms and Related Terms

Tylose® [SE Tylose]; Aqualon® [Aqualon]; Klucel® [Aqualon];


MFA- Methocel.jpg

Physical and Chemical Properties

Soluble in water.

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