Methyl methacrylate

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A colorless, volatile liquid that is the monomer for Polymethyl methacrylate resins. Methyl methacrylate forms a clear glasslike, thermoplastic polymer that is light weight but hard to break. Methyl methacrylate polymerizes with heat, light, ionizing radiation, or catalysts. It can be copolymerized with many other monomers including other acrylate and methacrylate esters.


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Chemical structure

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Synonyms and Related Terms

methacrylic acid methyl ester; methyl 2-methylpropenoate; metacrilato de metilo (Esp.); 2-metilpropenoato de metilo (Esp.); méthylméthacrylate (Fr.); metilmetacrilato (It.); acrilato de metilo (Port.)


  • Highly flammable. Flash point = 10 C. Explosive limits in air 2.1-12.5%.
  • Hazardous by ingestion, inhalation and skin absorption.
  • Contact causes irritation.
  • ThermoFisher; SDS

Physical and Chemical Properties

Soluble in most organic solvents. Slightly soluble in water.

Composition CH2:C(CH3)COOCH3
CAS 80-62-6
Melting Point -48 C
Density 0.940 g/ml
Molecular Weight mol. wt. = 100.1
Refractive Index 1.482-1.521
Boiling Point 100-101 C

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