Monterey pine

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Etching of Monterey Pines; MFA # 2013.1520
Monterey pine Pinus radiata


A pine tree, Pinus radiata, native to the southern and central coast of California. The Monterey pine is a fast growing tree, but its cones only open with the heat of a forest fire. The fast growing tree is an important species for reforestation.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Pinus radiata; radiata pine; insignis pine; Monterey-Kiefer (Deut.); Montereyden (Ned.); Sosna kalifornijska (Pol.); pin de Monterrey (Fr.); pino de Monterrey (Esp.); pinho-insigne (Port.)

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Fast growing to heights of 15-30 m.
  • Bark= dark gray to brown with deep fissures.
  • Leaves=needles (8-15 cm) in clusters of three with blunt tips.
  • Cones are long (7-17cm).

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