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[Kuraray] A registered trademark for a series of vinyl aldehyde polymers. Mowital® has been used as an adhesive and a consolidant.

- Mowital® F: polyvinyl formal

- Mowital® B: polyvinyl butyral

- Mowital® B20H: polyvinyl butyral (76) / polyvinyl alcohol (20); visc=14 mPa.s

- Mowital® B30H: polyvinyl butyral (76) / polyvinyl alcohol (20); visc=25 mPa.s

- Mowital® B30T: polyvinyl butyral (70) / polyvinyl alcohol (26); visc=25 mPa.s

- Mowital® B60H: polyvinyl butyral (77) / polyvinyl alcohol (20); visc=65 mPa.s

- Mowital® B60HH: polyvinyl butyral (83) / polyvinyl alcohol (14); visc=60 mPa.s

Hazards and Safety

May yellow and become insoluble with time.

Additional Information

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