Multiwax brand waxes

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[Sonneborn Refined Products BV (previously Crompton Witco Refined Products)] A trademark for a refined, high molecular weight, Microcrystalline wax. Multiwax® W-445 is obtained from crude petroleum and is composed of alkylated naphthenes and isoparaffins with small amounts of normal paraffins.

  • Multiwax® W-835 has a melting point range of 74-79C.
  • Multiwax® 180-W has a melting point range of 82-88C.
  • Multiwax® X-145: a sticky wax that remains sticky over time

Synonyms and Related Terms

Multiwax W-445; Mutiwax W-835; Multiwax 180-W

Physical and Chemical Properties

Hydrophobic, tasteless, odorless

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