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National Archives of Canada

"The National Archives of Canada ensures the long-term preservation of its holdings and makes them available to the public through circulation, loans and copying. ... Each year the Government of Canada produces and receives millions of documents related to the business of government. Part of the National Archives' mandate is to facilitate the effective management of these documents, to determine which of their vast number are of archival value, and to preserve those documents. ...The Archives develops and applies specialized methods for maintaining records, preventing their deterioration, and restoring those that have been damaged. Research on conservation methods provides a better understanding of how records deteriorate, how further deterioration can be prevented, and how deteriorated records can be most effectively restored." (from website)

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Postal Address National Archives of Canada

395 Wellington Street

Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N3

Phone +1 866 578 7777
Fax +1 613 995 6274
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