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National Archives and Records Administration

"The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is an independent federal agency that preserves our nation's history and defines us as a people by overseeing the management of all federal records. Enshrined for posterity in the original building in Washington, DC, are the cornerstone documents of our government: the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, and the Bill of Rights. But the National Archives and Records Administration is more than famous documents. NARA is a public trust upon which our democracy depends. NARA enables people to inspect for themselves the record of what government has done. NARA enables officials and agencies to review their actions and helps citizens hold them accountable for those actions. And NARA ensures continuing access to essential evidence that documents the rights of American citizens, the actions of federal officials, and the national experience." (from website)

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Postal Address The National Archives and Records Administration

8601 Adelphi Road

College Park, MD 20740-6001USA

Phone +1 86 NARA NARA +1 866 272 6272
Fax +1 301 837 0483
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