Natsume (Jujube) - center (162 C)

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Uemura 06-18-2009 162 UV.jpg

Museum number 162
Uemura number / title ; "Haze-some 25"
Folder location 2nd shelf
Sample location center (162 C)
Fiber type silk
Color beigy cream
Dyestuff (Japanese common name) なつめ : Natsume
Dye (English common name) Jujube
Dyestuff (botanical name) Ziziphus jujuba Mill. var. inermis (Bunge) Rehder
Plant part fruit /dried (?)
Dyestuff extraction boiled in water
Auxiliary agent in dye bath -
Mordant lime water
Other auxiliary agent -
Uemura's notes Although use of leaves of this plant as dyestuff was described in the manuscript "Somemono-hayashinan ()" from 1854 AD, the resultant color was not satisfactory. This had been mostly used when a fabric would be top-dyed with another plant.
Uemura's date Kyoto