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Collage of rubbed transfers
MFA# 1987.746


An inexpensive Paper used for printing newspapers and student sketch pads. Newsprint is primarily made from mechanical pulp (>85%) with some chemical pulp and very little mineral content. It is produced by high speed machines which result in unidirectional fiber orientation. Newsprint is strong, has good opacity, a smooth, lint-free surface and high Oil absorption. Intended only for short term use, newsprint has a high Lignin content and degrades quickly by discoloring and becoming brittle.

Newsprint paper stack

Synonyms and Related Terms

newspaper; kraft paper; krantenpapier (Ned.); papier journal (Fr.); Zeitungspapier (Deut.); carta da giornale (It.); papel para diarios (Esp.); papel prensa (Esp.); tidningspapper (Sven.)

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