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[Novus, Inc., Minneapolis, MN] A trademark for a liquid polish designed to restore clarity in most plastics by removing surface discoloration, haze and fine scratches. The Novus plastic polish series was first introduced in 1973. The series has two other products: Novus® Plastic Polish #1 (cleaner) and Novus® Plastic Polish #3 (polisher for heavy scratches). Novus® Plastic Polish #2 is a wax based polish that contains odorless Mineral spirits (7-13%), amophous Silica (3-7%), Morpholine (1-5%), and Oleic acid (1-5%). Novus® Plastic Polish # 2 is used to polish plastic windows & windshields of autos, boats, planes, and motorcycles. It works on most acrylic, vinyl, polyester, fiberglass, enamel, and metal surfaces.


  • Combustible. Flash point = 199F.
  • Novus: SDS

Physical and Chemical Properties

Mostly soluble in water.

Density 1.01 g/ml
Boiling Point 80 C

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